Sunday, May 12, 2019

Sunday Snippets: May 12, 2019

Welcome to the first edition of Sunday Snippets, a compilation of sundry thoughts I wanted to share with you.

Needless to say, my first thought today is sending out a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY wish. I do realize not everyone is a mother, not everyone had a good mother, not everyone celebrates.
But I like to share the wishes regardless. It's up to you to accept or ignore. Oh and I sent out a bunch of Mother's Day cards via the Jacquie Lawson website. I joined it this year, makes special occasions so much easier.

My celebration was breakfast at Cracker Barrel this morning where I indulged in blueberry pancakes. Yummy! (I should have taken a photo, my bad. Instead, here is picture from their website.) I don't use the blueberry syrup, that's too sweet. I use their regular syrup. Another tip from me, double butter. I love my pancakes slathered in butter and I just dip each bite into a little pool of syrup.

Courtesy of Cracker Barrel
I've been in a writing funk, partly because I haven't been feeling 100%. You know those days, nothing seriously wrong, just not all there. I attribute some of it to stress and I'm working on ridding myself of that. I have a new app on my iPhone and iPad Mini - Happy Color. It's so relaxing, but caution! It's totally addictive! They even have a Facebook page and community group.

I'd say, but hey - it's a new week. Yeah, a week with two medical appointments on Monday, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday. And TWO of them are VERY early appointments. I'm so NOT a morning person. Sigh....and guess what? Next Monday are two more and I expect one will be early. Argh!

Okay, enough complaining...but hey, I said this would be a little bit of nothing!


  1. Definitely not Mothers Day here in Britain . . . . . And I with you on the Pancakes with loads of butter and (Maple) Syrup.

    I hope you can avoid stress I am quite good at remaining chilled although I do like to tell tools off when I am doing DIY . . .

    1. Hey Rob, thanks for stopping by. Been a hectic week, sorry for the late acknowledgement! Still working on the stress thing...LOL!

  2. Mother's Day can be bittersweet for many, such as my husband (he lost his Mom right after Thanksgiving) but for others it is a sweet time. I'm fortunate that my son lives about 20 minutes from me, and that e is able to come and help his parents on days like Mother's Day. I've been thinking of subscribing to the Jacqui Lawson sight. My friend sends me their cards and they are wonderful works. Alana

    1. Father's Day is tough for me so I understand. I'm enjoying the Jacquie Lawson cards, it's not expensive and with a HUGE blended family and friends across the country, it's a nice way to send out cards.


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