Monday, May 6, 2019

Where to go from here?

It seems like I hit this point every year...where to go and what to do after the A to Z Challenge is complete. Last year I had a call for more flash fiction. While I do enjoy writing flash, it does take a significant amount of time away from working on my novels. And I KNOW many of you are eagerly waiting for book four, Paradise Dream, in my C'Mon Inn Mystery series.

So a decision has to be made and I have given it quite a bit of thought. I had the most blog followers when I posted regularly. Needless to say, other than the month of April, I wasn't doing that. So here is what I am proposing - I hope you will agree this will work the best for both me as a writer and you as a reader.
  1. I will write a flash fiction story twice a month on the 2nd & 4th Friday of each month. I will always be open to reader submissions of word prompts and/or photo prompts.
  2. I will post with background information and teasers about the characters in my various books/series twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month. I would love to hear the questions you would like to ask them.
  3. On the 2nd & 4th Sunday of each month, I will write a personal update and answer any personal questions my readers might have. This update could include question prompts from other blogs.
  4. I will always post with book updates, contests, and sale information when it's available.
Here are sample calendars for May and June month (hoping I got everything right). Of course, this is all open to change at any time and without any notice. LOL! Oh, and May's Fridays are a bit off due to starting this late and having five Fridays.

Any thoughts? Feel free to comment or send me a note. Love to hear word suggestions for flash fiction, even photo prompts (only photos you have the copyright to or can link to a site like,,, as well as anything you'd like to know about a favorite character in any of my books (Klondike Mysteries or C'Mon Inn Mysteries).


  1. Looks like a good plan. The after A to Z is often quiet for a while I find. Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Janet. Time will tell how it works out. LOL

  2. I am convinced that the best way to attract folk is to post on a regular basis. I know from my own experiences in the past that there seems to be a tipping point. If you post say once a month it will not increase blog traffic, but post every day and it will. The trick is to find the happy balance between the two. So good luck with the master plan.

    Rob Z Tobor

    1. It is absolutely but I know I won't post daily anymore. Just too much life. So I will give this a try and see how it goes. I may increase it but we have a lot of medical stuff this month so I won't over burden or stress myself.

  3. If we do mutual Fiction Fridays, I'm planning to still post the prompt/suggestion at the end of my story. I'm a day ahead of you, so you'd be welcome to share. Alternatively, since you have published works out there and a fan base, what about using your characters in new ways on Fridays? Drop them into a strange setting, or share a private conversation that would never make it into a book...just an idea.

    I think - your blog, your rules! Do what works for you!

    1. Thanks, Red. Sent you an email reply today. Still mulling if I can up it to weekly on Fridays. I think the character idea is fun, might do that when I run out of ideas on the other character stuff.


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