Sunday, June 2, 2019

Sunday Photo Fiction: Perceptions

My contribution to Sunday Photo Fiction...
Photo Credit: Reena Saxena
He skidded a stop in front of the bench, stopping just in time to avoid the others already in line. His feet were soaked, his umbrella turned inside out and now useless. Not one for small talk, he studied his new companions.

Three women, two men. The men were both dressed in suits and pull-on rubbers over their dress shoes. One woman was also dressed professionally but she was wearing sneakers. He suspected her heels were in the briefcase slung over her shoulder.

The two other women were more interesting. He tried to figure out if they were mother and daughter. No, the closer he looked, they were probably grandmother and granddaughter. The older woman leaned on a cane and seemed a bit feeble. The younger kept her hand around her elder's arm and she was completely focused on the conversation.

Intrigued, he crept closer in an attempt to eavesdrop. The words were almost whispered...

"...and then he hit me over and over."

"That won't happen again. We're moving you to a safe house. He won't be able to find you."

Taken aback, he increased his distance. Who would have thought the older woman was rescuing the younger?
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  1. Well done. An ending I didn't see coming.

  2. Good story, where by the end I cared for the characters.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Keith. I had no idea where the story would end up.

  4. Excellent take on the prompt! I could see the characters floating there.


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