Monday, July 21, 2014

Motivation Monday: Cancer

I'm getting old. My friends are getting old. My kids are growing older. Cancer surrounds and abounds me and I hate it. I have friends fighting for their life right now. I have family impacted. I have lost a spouse to it. Something is broken and there are few signs of our fixing it. A couple of resources:

Have you had cancer enter your life? How have you dealt with it? Do you have any recommendations for others?


  1. Oh Donna . . . You know I'm a two-time survivor, just celebrating my two-year cancerversary this weekend from the second diagnosis. How did I deal with it? I'm a Warrior and spiritual. I also had tremendous support from my husband who stepped up like the noble Scotsman he is and from friends near and far with emotional and moral support. As a result of my last surgery in 2012, I am still living with a "new normal," in which some days I feel great and others punky. What would I say to others? Educate yourself about your cancer. Knowledge is power. Allow others to do for you . . . bring you meals, do your laundry, run errands, etc. It not only helps you but it empowers them to DO something. Onlookers can feel so terribly powerless and bringing you a meal helps them fight your battle with you. Remember that, although only you can walk your path, you are NOT alone. There are others who have walked the same or similar path and others who are ready to take that 2 AM phone call when you need to talk to someone. Make no mistake, cancer treatment is no walk in the park and can be downright ugly and messy. Thing is, there are exquisitely sweet and beautiful moments intertwined with the experience. Oh yeah, keep - or develop - a sense of humor. Trust me, it helps! Hugs across the miles to you, dearest Froggi!

    1. As we age we get impacted with more and more friends being diagnosed. It's so hard...but especially hard when the folks diagnosed are young. Just wrong...

      Sending hugs by return mail!


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