Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Perfect Travel Accessory but Great for Home Use

We tend to travel with a lot of electronics: two Kindle e-readers, two cell phones, two iPads and often one if not two laptops. This means carrying a mass of cables and adapters/chargers, being careful of wattage requirements for the newer iPads (or other tablets, when we had Kindle Fires).

Over the years we have tried and tossed many different adapter/charger combinations, usually settling for a duplicate of what comes with our device pre-stashed in our toiletry bag. We even bought laptop bags that came with a battery and a host of charging plugs, handy but heavy.

While Stu was in the US, I ordered two of these SHARKK® 25W 5-Port USB Wall Plug Family-Sized Charger/Adapter from Amazon. As soon as he unpacked it, he put it to use. HUGE hit! He easily plugged in and charged his iPad Air, Kindle e-reader, iPod and Android phone. No muss, no fuss!

We can now travel with the one stashed in our luggage and the other works in our house. OR we can each put one with our travel stuff. Hmmm, thinking I may get two more when we are in the US this fall.

Oh, but you STILL have to remember to bring your cables! ;)

*for Apple iPad Air / iPad Mini / iPad mini Retina / iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C / All Apple Phones and Tablets / Android Smartphones & Tablets / Samsung Galaxy / Samsung Tab / Samsung Note / And other USB-Powered Devices


  1. Even better, my son bought me a power cell. It has all those ports and can charge multiple devices but it's built around a monster battery that can hold enough juice to fully charge several devices without being plugged in. He takes his on camping trips and gets up to four or five full phone charges before he needs to plug in the cell.

    1. We have the power cells in the laptop bags but they are so bulky and heavy. We have also tried the smaller power cells but one cell phone and they were done. We carry too many gadgets. LOL!

  2. I typically remember to bring the laptop, and then the laptop acts as the charging dock for all the rest of my accessories (phone, tablet, ereader). At least if the cables are just USB, they aren't as bulky. That's a total bonus.

    1. We often travel with just our iPads so that wouldn't work for those times. Plus we'd have have a good USB hub, too. But in the past, that was how I did it, too!


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