Friday, July 4, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things: Location, location, location

As part of my new initiative for my blog posts, I have joined VikLit's Celebrate the Small Things - something to post on Fridays.

I may post something about writing, something personal, something random or even all the above.

Or if I have a REALLY off week, I might just post a photo. ;)
  • We moved!
  • Today is Independence Day in the USA, strange to be here in Ecuador.
Since I don't know if we will have Internet yet, going to stop here. Will add more if we DO get it installed in time. Till next week...celebrate the small things!


  1. Enjoy your 4th Donna! It doesn't matter where you are on the 4th. It's like being Irish on St Paddy's Day.

  2. Congrats on moving to a place that's more ideal for you. Happy 4th.

  3. Happy Fourth! Hope your move went well.

  4. Happy 4th to you! That must be strange to be in another country on the 4th. I hope your move went well. The last time we moved I swore that the next move I make will be to the nursing home :) I hate moving!


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