Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Motivation: Drama

photo copyright DB McNicol
I have been on Facebook since Dec 2012 and for a while, I was truly addicted to it. Reading every post, joining interest groups, trying to help others. In the last year I have noticed a distinct decline in the quality of what I see there. I see so many signs of cyber-bullying and not by kids, by adults! If you don't think the way "they" think, you are wrong.

Well, I've taken a big step backwards and no longer post 95% of the time to public, now only to friends. I avoid toxic people and conversations.

I'm taking to heart the above proverb and putting it into action. Not my circus? Then they're not my monkeys. ;)

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  1. I agree there's a lot of negativity in social media. Everyone seems to think their way is the right way and everyone else is wrong. There's also a lot of drama from certain people in my personal life lately.


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