Monday, March 30, 2015

Motivation Monday: Karma

I am a believer in Karma and also a believer in the fact that you get back what you give out. I've seen in come true over and over. While the "whiner" or the "squeaky wheel" may get what they THINK they need/want, it will eventually come back to them.

Here in Ecuador we all too often hear about the "Ugly Gringo". Once again, they are getting back what they give out. Complaining and making a scene that an ice cream costs $1.00 at a tourist attraction when it's only 50 cents at home; screaming at the bank attendant that they should learn English; being nasty to a wait person when the cook caused the problem. We see it everywhere and one can only hope that karma will get them in the end.

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  1. Bravo for saying what so many of us want to say! In my opinion this is a very happy post. Have a great day!


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