Friday, June 15, 2018

#JUkNOWuCanDoIt: June 15, 2018

Ahhh, June! Fresh air, blooming flowers, a little run, a lot of sun (we hope) and summer vacations. Last month I participated in #MAYkingItWork sponsored by I.L. Wolf on her website. My goals for #MAYkingItWork were to get back to reading (and less writing) and to restart my yoga.

Now it's time for #JUkNOWuCanDoIt and I'm keeping the goal of reading more but am changing my goal of restarting my yoga for just moving more. I will post on Fridays as to how I am doing. Any one can join in - choose a project or two (a goal or three) and post in the comments below or on your own blog (and add a link in the comments).

In addition, I.L. Wolf has now started a long term project, #AccountaClub. I'll be joining in there and hope you will, too. Just use the same (or new) goals for both and at the end of June, continue on with #AccountaClub over at I.L.'s blog.

So, was this week any better than last? Sort of - I moved more, just by virtue of feeling better. It may have just been around the house but I was up and about a lot more.

Reading? I've read a dozen or more sappy romance books, just to get them off my Kindle e-reader so I can download more books. {snicker} Some were good, some were terrible and after the first couple of chapters, I just deleted them.

Do you ever do that? Delete books without finishing them? When I was reading print books, I never did that. I always finished, even if I hated the book. But for some reason, whether it's the media I'm using or the fact that I'm older and know my time is limited, if a book doesn't grab me in the first couple of chapters - it's history!

See you next week!


  1. So glad to see you moving'll find your stride, possibly literally!

    I used to finish a book if I started it (if it wasn't too terrible in the beginning) but no more. I've given myself permission to stop. It's so freeing!

    Sounds like you're rocking it this week!

    Here's my post (which you know, but in case anyone else wants to visit:) #JUkNOWuCanDoIt

    1. I agree about it being freeing...too many good books to keep reading one you don't enjoy.

  2. I just recently deleted from my Kindle app a book I started and can't finish. I gave it 100 pages to determine its genre, and it was still undecided, so NOPE! I get throwing a romance into a mystery or action novel, or sci-fi, but something has to dominate! When I can't tell if the book is sci-fi, mystery, romance, or possibly fantasy, it's not worth my time.

    As for writing, the 1-act play I've been turning into a book now has all the scenes that were written for the play included. I need to add other parts that I've written in a notebook, and some that are just in my head so far. I haven't re-read any of it, and I'm sure it's a mess, but that's what editing/rewriting is for, right?

    I have another book idea, too, so I am going to try researching another genre while I finish writing this one. Because right now, I can.

    1. Good for you! Both on the book dump and the book idea!


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