Friday, August 24, 2018

#AccountaClub: Aug 24, 2018

Reporting in for Isa-Lee Wolf's #AccountaClub. Each Friday we post an accountability update for our current projects/goals/whatever.

I almost missed this today...still doing catchup from a week of having 10 & 12 your old grandgirls visiting. LOL!

1) Support hubby's project in any way I can.
The project is still on-going and will be for at least another two months. Our goal is to get it closed in for the winter. We were hoping to get concrete, too, but not sure that's going to happen until next spring. I'm the reminder gal - helping to keep things on track.

2) Finish the rewrite of my former Kindle World books, get new covers and republish them. I also plan on combining the three into a box set as well as a print version.
This is DONE!!! All of are the links:

Paradise Down - book one
Paradise Dead - book two
Paradise Drift - book three
C'Mon Inn Trilogy - ebook
C'Mon Inn Trilogy - print

I love the new cover for the trilogy - what do you think?
I have also started to make notes for the next book Paradise Dream which will give the Thompson Twins (sisters) some backstory as to how they ended up in Hawaii, owning the C'Mon Inn B&B. Finishing this book will now be goal #2, replacing this one.

3) In addition, I have three blogs that have asked me to write guest posts.
One guest post is done, one is partly written (although I'm not happy with it so may start from scratch). Here's the published guest post #1.

Another week down...see you next Friday!

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  1. So excited about your books! I put them on Brett's "to get" list, but not sure where that sits at the moment...
    Well done keeping up with everything!

    1. Thanks so much! If you get any of them, hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. Now off to write today's accountability post. LOL!


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