Saturday, January 28, 2012

A couple of fun items for writers...

I follow many blogs for many different reasons. The topics range from RVing (many full-timers, like us), motorcyclists, computers, blog writing, general writing (authors, publishers), and other hobbies (beading, photography, music).

Thank goodness for a great product like RSSOwl, a great stand-alone program that lets me easily follow almost 500 blogs. I can easily create folders for organization, see only unread blog/reads listed or show them all. I can save blogs in folders that will never be automatically deleted (during clean-up) and I can subscribe/unsubscribe easily. Oh, and it can be synched with Google Reader if you use that.

So today I was reading another writer's blog, Lynn Viehl - Paperback Writer, and she mentioned this great "writer's revision towel". I just had to click over to Author Outfitters and check it out. What a fun site!

I found two things I'm putting on my wish list. The first is the Writer's Revision Towel (great for keeping your computer screen clean).

The second is this fun Writing Elements mug (there are several other designs to choose from, this was my favorite).

There are other mug choices, lots of shirts and other products, too. Great way to find gifts for your writing friends and family.
Off to place my order!

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