Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Rejection [micro fiction]

The small table wobbled as she leaned towards her computer. Grabbing her coffee cup before it toppled, she tried again to read her email hidden by the bright sunlight. Squinting, she took off her sunglasses. Not much better but it helped.

"Dear Ms. Middleton:
Thank you for your submission of 'Real Men of Miami' to our magazine. We regret to inform you..."

She heaved a sigh and refocused her attention on the scene around her. She loved little cafes where she could people watch while enjoying the outdoors. The smells swirled around her; fresh oranges on the truck that just passed, stale cigar smoke from the elderly gentleman who was walking by, strong perfume from the patron at the table next to her. Pleasant and unpleasant, they were all fodder for a writer. Characters, scenes, snippets of dialogues - they all melded together into unique stories.

Her eyes returned to the rejection letter. "We regret to inform you that we have no room in the upcoming issue of our magazine. We have decided to add it to our summer issue instead. Please find your contract enclosed, outlining our publication rights and other contractual information."

She stood up suddenly, tipping her coffee into her computer and knocking over the wobbly table, but she didn't even notice. "I'm going to be published!"

Story prompted by the writing prompts app by [iTunes and Android]
PLACE: a small cafe
CHARACTER: a writer
OBJECT: a pair of sunglasses
SMELL: old perfume

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  1. Liked it! The ending put a smile on my face. :-)


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