Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's a new week and a new blog hop!

It's a new week so I thought I's let you know how I've been doing on my goals that I set last Thursday.

I committed to:
  • blogging here at least twice - DONE
  • blogging on my personal blog weekly - DONE
  • write at least 1k 5x week (or 5k week) - Close, written 3950 over two days
  • read three chapters a week in my Scrivener for Dummies book - umm, 1/2 chapter read?
  • exercise for 30 min daily - nope, bad me :-(
  • read a chapter nightly of whatever I am currently reading - DONE
  • write at least one flash fiction weekly - DONE
Not too bad considering, okay, so the exercise sucks. I'll work on that...but we move to an RV repair lot tomorrow for a day or two, then we're on the road for three days. Might not get much done...okay, okay, I hear you. Get my butt in gear...I'll try, honest!

Plus, there is a new blog hop this week, I hope many of you will pick your BEST blog post and submit it to Katherine's hop at Beyond The Hourglass Bridge. What a great way to help new readers find new blogs. I've linked to all the participating blogs below. Hope you'll visit some of them.

So, what's new with you?


  1. Just as a friend is nagging me to give myself deadlines and do some writing, you provide another blog hop ;) what would I do without you?

  2. That looks like a fun blog hop but I realized last night I owe all four members of my crit group a crit from me and I haven't written a word on my WIP in almost a week. Got to stay on task.

    Nice job on your goals list.

  3. Thanks for mentioning the blog hop, Donna. I joined up. Yep, I'm slowly reentering the world! :)

  4. Thanks for joining the hop! Love your blog design and the 5 line fiction idea is awesome - following for inspiration. :)
    P.S. If you're tweeting your involvement at any time, @me (katherineamabel) and I'll RT. :D

  5. Hey Donna! how are you doing? It's Talynn from Ink in the Book. I already follow your blog, but I thought I'd stop by and say hi!

  6. Hi, Donna,
    Here's hoping you get more done this week.

  7. [Giggle} So, did you get any writing to deadline done?

  8. DEFINITELY stay on task...I'll double my blog hop readership to take up your slack. LOL!

  9. Okay, the individual replies aren't working today.

    @Texas Yellow Rose - you take all the time you need, you've earned it. When the time is right it will all come together.

    @katherineamabel Just added you to my A-list tweeps! Thanks for stopping in. I'm just now finding time to hit some of the other blogs in the blog hop. Thanks for doing this!

    @Ink in the Book - Hey Talynn, thanks so much for stopping by and saying HI.

    @J.L. Campbell - Me, too!. [grin]


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