Friday, September 21, 2012

Zombie [five sentence fiction]

[photo credit: AMERICANVIRUS via photo pin cc]
He could feel it growing inside him, clawing at him from the inside out, churning through his organs, tossing them aside in haste, clotting his blood, drawing him closer and closer to being a thing, not a person.

He saw her look at him in horror, not understanding what was happening to him, watched him stagger towards her, knowing she was powerless to stop him.

He lifted a leg, noticing that it felt out of synch with the rest of his body, he heard an eerie unhuman growl come out of his mouth as his lips snarled, blood dripping from his lopsided lips. His bones shifted inside his body, some growing, some breaking, all distorting his outward profile.

He lurched toward her, arms bloodied and outstretched as she screamed, "Mommy, Tyler's playing Zombie again, make him stop!"

I don't normally do zombie or apocalypse stories but had fun with this one,
in honor of this week's five sentence fiction.
Hope you'll give it a try, too.


  1. Great twist at the end. A very fun take on the prompt.

  2. Great job! Great ending, too!
    McGuffy's Reader

  3. I really liked it and i'm still not sure if he was just pretending! :)

  4. Watch out - you might get what your after.


  5. Like Kate, not sure if he's just got an incredibly vivid imagination or if it's really happening! Some great description!

  6. Nicely done, with each sentence so full and vivid!!!


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