Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Life is what's next?

I am blessed to have a good life, a wonderful loving husband, decent health, an amazing extended family and too much to do with not enough time to do it all. I really enjoyed Camp NaNoWriMo last month and it proved to me that when I have a goal, I can write more than I thought possible.

I currently have two writing blogs, this one and Write 4 Ten, plus several personal blogs [2 Taking a 5th, Sadie Speaks, Fire Lily Base Camp, Riding Route 66] and I maintain a blog for my daughter's casting company in Atlanta, CL Casting. None of them are daily except the last and that one is often several times a day, BUT I am only copying and pasting from their Facebook account - phew!

I miss writing here for my followers and instead of trying to post daily and then not having time to write, I will post at least twice weekly. No set schedule yet, that may or may not happen. I'll still post on varying topics, I'll still post photos from time to time and I'll still drop some humor in here and there. I also want to get back into doing a little flash fiction again. But my first priority has to be working on my novels.

Since the majority of my followers are writers, I know you'll understand. I may even post an excerpt or two from WIP mystery, "Not a Whisper". You never know!


  1. Too much to do and not enough time to do it.. yes that is a blessing. Thanks for reminding me! I've been panicing a bit this morning.. must relax and do what I can and what I can't won't get done..
    I'd wanted to do camp nano but promised myself I'd edit previous WIP's before starting a new one. The writing's the easy peasy part for me these days. Editing's tough!

  2. You do, indeed, sound like a lucky lady. I don't think anyone in the blogosphere expects daily blogs. I don't even blog on the same days each week. Twice a week seems like a comfortable compromise for me and remember, we're doing these blogs because we enjoy doing them!

  3. I know all about not enough time. I try to set a schedule for my blog, but usually can't completely follow through. Like today, I'm suppose to blog. Just don't know if I'll be able to.

  4. Donna, I dont know how you do it all! So many blogs, so much to write and so little time...and so much traveling to do. I would love to see an excerpt here :)

  5. I'm exhausted just reading this! Phew!

  6. Wow, I'm amazed by your output. I can't even manage once a week. But I'll look forward to your posts however often they come.


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