Wednesday, September 26, 2012

yolait [Visual Dare]

I couldn't resist this photo challenge from my wonderful friend, Angela, at Anonymous Legacy. I hope you enjoy!

Henri was excited. "Push harder, Gilles, she's almost in."

"I can't push harder, she's full up with milk." Gilles put his hand on Bessie's rump. "Wait, her back feet are on. Hold the front, I'll hop on the back. We can do this."

Henri held the halter and looked worriedly at his partner. "Hurry! We're moving."

Gilles clambered onto the rear platform and sat on a small stool with a pail between his legs. When the pail was full he poured the milk into glasses, carefully setting them on a serving tray which he passed forward to Henri. "For our passengers and one for you." He took a sip himself and toasted his partner, "Lait pasteurisé de haute qualite. To our new venture - yolait!"

Henri saluted Gilles, "Only the freshest milk for our passengers."


  1. Oh that's HILARIOUS. I was totally in the moment - it seems quite the gimmick that someone would use to bolster their business - either at the dairy or the streetcar line! Great entry!!!

  2. Donna you made me smile! A brilliant take on the picture, using the advert in that way was inspired! You can't beat an unforgettable marketing ploy!

  3. What fun Donna! Your's is the first blog I have seen for five days so a laugh was just the ticket.

  4. Glad you all enjoyed my little trolley tale!

  5. That certainly is fresh milk! There's an award for you at my blog :)

  6. Such a fun story, really liked this one :)


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