Tuesday, April 8, 2014

#AtoZchallenge: Gris or Grey

Gris (Spanish) or Grey (English)
The rusty girder creaked as the strap was cinched tighter, grey chips flaking downward, falling hundreds of feet below.

Taking off his gloves and shoving them into his back pocket, the younger man said, "Got it, Chief, this ain't going no where, no how."

They both stood back, heedless of their precarious perch, ignoring the strong winds blowing around them and surveyed their handiwork.

"You oughta be right proud of that, Chief."

The older man nodded, knowing how hard he had fought to get the approval.

The younger man spit, watched it land on the chief's shoe and laughed.

The chief looked at his shoe and glared at the man by his side, "What the hell?"

His companion shrugged and spit again, just missing the other shoe.

The chief stretched out his arms to the side and managed to knock the other off balance.

Watching the body drop he muttered, "Punks got no respect for veterans nowadays."

My theme is 10x10.
A maximum of ten sentences, a minimum of 100 words.
My 2012 A-Z Story Book is now free


  1. I really like how you have botht the English and Spanish name in your title. It makes it almost mysterious somehow! Stopping by from the A-Z Challenge and am your newest follower!

  2. Hola, Beth, and thank you for stopping by. Off to check out your A-Z posts, I slacked off the last two days so it's nice to get a new follower! Hope you enjoy the past posts as well.

  3. These are so exquisitely dark! I'm already looking forward to tomorrow.

  4. I love your little 10 x 10's. Thanks for the read. I follow as an email subscriber, and I love it when your new post comes to my inbox.

    1. Thank you so much, I have fun writing them so always happy to hear someone enjoys them.

  5. Although new to flash fiction, I think I could be into it. This is good stuff.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by....just checked out your blog. Wow!! Great information there!

  6. I'd like to know what happens next. Interesting piece. Happy A-Z!

  7. Oo! Did he end up in the trunk! Did he! Seriously though, you write some damn, fine flash. :)


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