Sunday, April 13, 2014

Where am I in the #AtoZChallenge?

Well, the first 11 stories are done...some are sweet, some are dark and some are in the middle. You'll have to read them to see! Remember, these are all a maximum of TEN sentences (and a minimum of 100 words) so they are quick reads. Hope you will stop by and leave your thoughts!
  1. Arriba or Above
  2. Borbor or Bubbling
  3. Cuervo or Crow 
  4. Daga or Dagger 
  5. Esquivar or Elude 
  6. Fuego or Fire 
  7. Gris or Grey 
  8. Haber or Have 
  9. Impudico or Immodest 
  10. Jornada or Journey 
  11. Kerosina or Kerosene 
Be sure to stop back in for the rest of the never know what you might find!
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  1. I like how you teach language via these examples. Hopefully now I remember the meaning of llano. I remember in Bless Me Ultima they called the plains the illano, so this now makes more sense to me.

    1. Since we are now living in Ecuador it's helping me, too! ;)


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