Tuesday, April 29, 2014

#AtoZchallenge: Yema or Yolk

Yema [Spanish] or Yolk [English]
"Oooh, mom's gonna be mad!" Deke berated his younger brother, Kenny.

Lower lip trembling, he wiped his nose on his sleeve and whined, "I din't mean to break it, honest."

Kenny's sniffling was the only sound as the duo stared at the carton of eggs, eleven perfect ovals and one broken with the yolk threatening to spill.

"What we gonna do?" the little one pleaded with eyes that always reminded Deke of a Cocker Spaniel.

He ruffled Kenny's hair, "Gimme me a minute, I'll think of sumthing."

Cabinets were opened, the refrigerator contents were studied as he came up with a plan.

Turning to Kenny he said, "I've got an idea, you keep an eye our for Mom and Dad."

Deke went to work, keeping an eye over his shoulder on Kenny guarding the hallway.

Twenty minutes later he was done.

The two boys proudly carried their treasure upstairs, a tray filled with glasses of juice, buttered toast and several freshly scrambled eggs.

My theme is 10x10.
A maximum of ten sentences, a minimum of 100 words.
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  1. Hi...That's a cute scene :) Reminds me of something my kids (or grandchildren now) might have done when they were young. Yema for yolk....learned a new word, too.
    Hope life is good in Ecuador!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Sharon! I struggled since many of my flash stories this year are dark but I enjoyed going a bit sweet on this one.

  2. Lovely story. Great description of a runny nosed little boy and glad you gave him a great older brother.

    1. Well, if you're gonna go sweet - go all the way! ;) Thanks for being a faithful reader once again.

  3. Oh, I adored this piece, makes me want to squish some cheeks. :)


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