Thursday, July 26, 2018

Can't resist....

Not everyone is into collecting things, at least not in formal collections. But some of us have those "things" we have a hard time passing up. The things that tug at us and we may even know why. I have those things. Things I have to avoid or sternly say, "Enough! You don't need anymore."

Stationary, Greeting Cards, Notebooks, Note Pads, and the like...
 ...even when no one used stationary anymore, I was buying it. You wouldn't believe how much I sold in a yard sale when I went full-time RVing. Same with greeting cards. I had them for all occasions. Once I managed to free myself from buying more, I moved on to notebooks and notepads. At least I use these. I'm no longer allowed in office supply stores or sections of department stores unattended.

 ...Oh my, I've always loved pens. My first favorite pen was a Parker Stainless Steel T-Ball Jotter. I bought it while in high school and had it until my purse was stolen at work, many years later. It was a discontinued style but I was lucky enough to find one in an old, local office supply store. While they still make a Jotter, it's a click-top now and the Sonnet looks more like my old Jotter.

Color is off, it's actually chrome colored.
My next was my first Mont-Blanc pen. It was a burgundy roller ball pen, now replaced with a black one.

I've never been a big fan of Cross pens because they were so narrow but I have the one my mother used for years at work (she was an R.N.) with her name engraved on it. I also have one from my late husband with his name engraved on it. I recently bought one on sale, a thick roller ball that I use from time to time.

The pen I use the most is a custom one made by Derek Jafferian, the nephew of an author friend. Second most used is the Pilot Dr. Grip Center of Gravity Retractable. I have half a dozen of these, scattered between the RV and the house.

Some of my favorites: Parker Jotter, Custom by D. Jafferian, Cross Roller Ball, Mont Blanc Roller Ball, Pilot Dr. Grip, Multi-Tool Screwdriver Pen,  a resin pen I've had for years, wooden Flamingo pen
Coffee mugs...
 ...are an easy collectible when you are traveling. Not that I waited until then to collect a few, but we do have an extensive collection of diner mugs we picked up while traveling the country over the last ten years. I also love fun sayings but my favorites are pottery mugs.

This is less than half our diner mugs - the other half are packed away for hubby's garage when it's built.

Shirts with sayings.... hard to resist when I see these cute sayings on shirts while I'm online. But I am overloaded with shirts, so I'm being good. No, really, I am!

 ...especially biker or fireman gnomes. I've gotten better but for a while I (we) was on a binge. Here are some pics.

One of my favorites, now in our foyer. Note the mug of beer!
I love Day of the Dead figures so these were a must have! Now on our front porch.
Nabbed these on clearance at K-Mart a few years back. Also on the front porch now.
The first of the traveling gnomes on display in a campground
Just had to add the T-Rex, taking out the gnomes!

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