Monday, July 16, 2018

Paradise at a price... New Book Covers

As mentioned in an earlier post, Amazon is closing all the Kindle Worlds - places where authors could publish fan fiction. I had three books impacted by this. Currently I am in the process of editing the text of all three for republication. My target date is the end of August.

Because many sites, like Goodreads, keep books forever, I decided to get new covers made for my books. What do you think? I love them!

I really like them. In addition, I plan on releasing all three books in one print book. That won't be till probably sometime September. I also want to write at least one more story with the Thompson Twins (those adorable, elderly twin sisters that everyone seems to love). With that in mind, I changed the series name from The Paradise Series to the C'MON Inn Mystery Series!


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