Friday, July 20, 2018

#AccountaClub: July 20 2018

Reporting in for Isa-Lee Wolf's #AccountaClub. Each Friday we post an accountability update for our current projects/goals/whatever.

1) Support hubby's project in any way I can.
Well, I did help him pull the trencher he rented out of a ditch. My job was to be on the lawn tractor, keeping the chain taut. Of course, I'd NEVER been on a lawn tractor before. If I have my way, I never will be again. LOL! We're still waiting for news from the construction company. Initially they said mid-July but we haven't heard any more.

2) Finish the rewrite of my former Kindle World books, get new covers and republish them. I also plan on combining the three into a box set as well as a print version.
The book covers are done! Now to get my butt in gear and start the editing. Seems like every time I wanted to start this week, something came up. Sigh...

3) In addition, I have three blogs that have asked me to write guest posts.
I have one post started, hoping to finish in the next couple of days.

We kind of lost Sunday, hubby decided to wake me at 1am for an ER visit. All is okay, but by the time he came home, the day was shot. Monday was movie and errand day. Such is the life of retirees, I guess. LOL!

Another week down...see you next Friday!

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  1. I took a day off from writing this week. Almost two, but then I kicked my butt over to the computer and started working up a prelude to the ending. It's getting harder as I get down to wrapping up the story.

    Meanwhile, after agreeing on a house to lease for the next year, I felt so drained I realized I must have been holding in the stress. I feel I could sleep for days. The good news is, in the new place we will each have workspace separated by a solid wall, a door, and space!

    1. Awesome news!! I love the new spot and having a dedicated work area really helps. I need to get off the computer and back into my office. Then tackle the filing stacked up on the desk and finally, get writing.

      Looking forward to more photos as you get settled. Oh, and good progress on the writing!!


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