Friday, July 12, 2013

Five Friday Facts for July 12th

This has been a busy, fun, boring, exciting week. How's that for an intro...LOL! Here are five random facts about this week.

  1. I've been BUSY writing my next book in the Klondike Mystery series. Starting Chapter 10 now and writing madly. It's amazing how many plot changes & twists happen when you let your characters tell their own story.
  2. Hubby has started working on our Route 66 plans. Two motorcycles, two people, 1 trailer on Route 66 - should be a blast. We aren't going to hurry, we want to take time to savor the journey. We're allowing a month to go from here to just outside Chicago where we'll start, then on to Santa Monica via as much of Route 66 as we can locate. We'll camp when possible (and weather permits - and we feel like it). Oh, and I'll turn age 66 during the ride! WOOT!
  3. We had breakfast with some good riding friends from Texas on their way through to an event in West Virginia. Up at 7am to meet them in neighboring Cookeville for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Good food, great friends = wonderful day.
  4. Went to the movies to see "White House Down". It was that at "Despicable Me 2" and I figured that would last longer at the theaters. All I can say is WoW...adrenaline overload. Love, love, LOVED it!!
  5. I was doing SO GOOD on my diet until Wednesday night. Pouring rain, nothing thawed out and my WONDERFUL hubby went into town to pick up pizza. Hey, I ordered it....[snicker]. It was SO good!!! Then there was the movies on Thursday...I just can't do a movie without popcorn. Also gave in and had my first Diet Coke in almost two months.

    Tomorrow, back at it, including exercise. Especially after reading this article by Harley Pasternak: Even Physically Active Women Sit Too Much By Harley Pasternak
Hope you had a good week! We move our RV from our property in north central TN to Camping World in Chattanooga where we will hopefully FINALLY get out body work done, fixing the damage done by the tire blowout that happened on our way to Maryland from Tennessee in early spring.

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  1. It was nice to know how your week went. Thanks for sharing!


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