Monday, July 1, 2013

My Flash Fiction: Tickled [Write4Ten]

The word prompt today for Write 4 Ten was tickled. Here is my ten minutes....definitely impacted by the tragedy in the Arizona wildfires. R.I.P. to the brave heroes of the Granite Mountain Hotshots of Prescott, AZ

Tickled [Write4Ten]

Eric prepared to pull the emergency fire tent around him. He was concerned about the two youngest men, Grant and Kevin. While well trained, this was an experience none of them ever wanted to share. He called out over the noise of the approaching fire, "Grant? Kevin? You got it okay?"

He could barely make out their muffled affirmative responses but felt reassured that they were under cover. As safe as they could be for the time being. Pulling the tent into position around his body he let his thoughts wander, that was better than focusing on the increasing roar surrounding them.

He thought back to his last "date" with his wife. Even in their 40's, they loved mountain biking and they'd gone on a biking picnic to a secluded spot. As she unloaded their lunch, he pulled out a surprise for her.

Pink had always been her favorite color and he loved to tease her about being "tickled pink". He took one last look at the custom necklace with the words Tickled Pink studded with pink rhinestones before he---

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