Monday, July 29, 2013

My Flash Facts - Deadline [#Write4Ten]

This time I went with FACTS...
  a snipped from my day.
Funny that the word prompt for Monday from Write4Ten was the one thing I'm facing daily - a deadline. I know it's a self-imposed deadline, but it's still an important one. The last six months of this year currently are and will be a choatic hot mess! Preparation for a two month motorcycle trip, preparation for a seven day cruise and preparation for our move to Ecuador (and leaving our property for ten months before we revisit) - plus finish writing "Barely a Spark", get it edited and published on both Amazon and Smashwords, get it formatted and a cover made for a print version. Oh yeah, and get my first children's rhyming book finished and published as well. YIKES! Time to go to work, meeting my first deadline!

Check out the Write 4 Ten word prompts on Monday and Thursday. Join in the fun and write for ten minutes, fact or fiction, your choice.

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