Friday, April 24, 2015

Apr 24: 2015 Big Dreams, Big Goals Update

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know I seriously fell down on keeping up with my 2014 goals. I love participating in the goal tracking though, so thought I should set up a few new ones for 2015 (or at least modify the existing ones). So here goes....
  1. Write books 3 & 4 in my Klondike Mystery series.
    March may have been vacation month but April has been social month. We have been swamped with meet 'n greets with either new folks just moved here or folks visiting the area. That and the fact that I joined the April A-Z challenge on the morning of April first means...
    Progress: none

  2. Write at least one novella in the new A Set of Rules Mystery Series
    This new character has been talking to me for almost six months. My thought is to have shorter stories rather than full length novels. These should be a fun, quirky read!
    Progress: initial cover design DONE
  3. Continue with the monthly newsletter
    Now that I'm slowly building up my subscriber list, I need to keep this on time and interesting.
    Progress: April done!
  4. Continue my Monday Motivation posts
    Folks seem to enjoy these and I enjoy writing them, so I will continue!
    Progress: haven't missed posting one yet and I am trying to use more of my own photos for this
I thought April would be better for writing and I did manage to do a rambling post for the April A to Z challenge...oh and I did get a flash fiction story accepted at which will be published on April 27th, and I did get another flash fiction story accepted for the Flash Flood on April 17th. Hmmm, guess that means I did get some writing done. Now, on to May!!


  1. These are some major goals. I admire you being able to start the A-Z on day one--I started preparing back in February!

  2. For a busy month, you still did well. :-)

  3. Ruth LivingstoneMay 3, 2015 at 5:15 AM

    Just catching up with the Five Year Project blog hop...
    And interesting to see what you've achieved and how friends and family can get in the way of writing aspirations. I guess the trick is to balance the two things - personal life and writing life - and that is hard to do.
    Well done on getting a Flash Fiction piece accepted :)

  4. I know, crazy! But I survived...phew!

  5. Thanks, hoping May will be a bit more productive, at least get my short stories done.

  6. It is so hard to balance at times...especially when retired in a foreign country. So much to see and enjoy!


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