Saturday, April 4, 2015

D - Daring

Red, Rounded, With D clip art Daring, daredevil, desperado - those words always bring to mind someone who is reckless, who charges into things without thinking, who is adventurous.

Do you think of yourself as daring or adventurous? I surely don't. Yet I learned to ride a motorcycle at age 55. I traveled solo on my motorcycle across the US several times at age 58. I sold everything and became a full-time RVer, traveling solo in my Class C motorhome, at age 60. And in December 2013, I moved to Ecuador with my husband.

But before that I wouldn't do much of anything out of fear - fear of looking silly, fear of messing my hair up, fear of what others thought of me, so many fears!

It's strange, looking back on those years. I've decided it's much more fun doing the unexpected and being DARING! You only live once. Right?


  1. Recently I've really wanted to color my hair some whacky color. Pink, purple, blue, white/silver! I've also always wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle. But that's still a dream I haven't fueled.

    I wouldn't consider myself super daring, but then again I guess it has to do with your environment... For instance I got my helix pierced at 16 and my mom flipped out. It was the craziest piercing in the mind of my parents. I always wondered what they might have said if I got my nose or tongue pierced. haha. ^^ But then again, that sounds a little too painful and daring for me.

  2. Some of us even get a third time to try it out! Go, girl!!

  3. Getting more than one ear piercing was too daring for me...LOL! But like you, I have considered doing a streak of color in my gray hair. Just don't think it would add that much so haven't bothered. ;)

  4. Do we become Daring at 55? I've got a few months to go and now you've got me looking forward to it. Hmm.. Great D

  5. Oh goody! Can't wait to hear what you do...


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