Tuesday, April 28, 2015

X - siX (I know, cheating)

Letter X clip artX is the letter many of us dread. X-ray, Xylophone, Xenia...ugh! So instead, I'm going to choose a word that ENDS in "X". The word six.

Why six? Well, that's easy. We just celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary this month. Six years of knowing how blessed we were to have found each other - we were both widowed when we met.

Six years of endless adventures. Cruising to Alaska for 14 days, to Panama for 10 days,  7 days to the Western Caribbean multiple times. Attending two Country Music Fests in Nashville. Vacationing in Cancun and Cabo (our honeymoon). Visiting Key West on our motorcycles, seeing Garth Brooks in Las Vegas, riding all of Route 66 on our motorcycles.

These are just part of the adventures during our last six years. The biggest was making the move to Cuenca, Ecuador where we now live in the middle of the Andes Mountains at 8400 ft and get to see sunsets like this.

View from our kitchen/dining area.
Ten minutes later in the other direction, facing Cajas National Park (over 14,000 ft)
I can't imagine what the next siX years will bring!


  1. Totally understand! I did my X post on eXodus. I thought about X reasons... or X things (roman numeral 10) but had some stuff written already for exodus as in departure as in moving. Maui

  2. Hey, it just shows how creative we can be! ;)


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