Friday, April 17, 2015


O Single Yellow Letter clip artI never realized I had OCD tendencies until my later years. It never really occured to me that keeping my pens and pencils in a specific order, in a specific place on my desk might be OCD.

Or that my penchant for sorting M&Ms by color and then eating the odd ones first might be OCD.

Try wearing your watch on the opposite arm for a while? When you are putting on socks & shoes, stop and do the opposite foot first. Same with pant legs and shirt sleeves. Habits....

OCD for me has become a habit but one I am trying to break, or at least notice when I'm doing it. Growing up and on into my forties, I had a habit of breaking words up into even groups. So "growing" would be chanted in my head, GR - OW - IN -oops! Not even. So I'd pick another word or make a phrase and try it with that. Mindless stuff....

Do you have any habit that you feel might be OCD related?


  1. I'm weird about symmetry. Things that aren't balanced bug me. That's hard when book covers and promos often look better and are more eye-catching when out of balance. I really have to force myself to do it! lol Have a great weekend!

  2. I tried to do it with my socks...even that is hard!

  3. I am so the same way, but then there are times when asymmetrical seems right. Strange...

  4. I love my colorful socks but haven't been able to do the mismatch thing...hmmmm


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