Friday, June 1, 2018


This is my final post in the #MAKINGITWORK blog challenge set out by newly acquired friend, thanks to the April A to Z blog challenge, I.L. Wolf. My goals for #MAYkingItWork are to get back to reading (and less writing) and to restart my yoga. I will post on Fridays as to how I am doing.

Well, yoga has been a bust. First it was my back, then it was...well, it Can't deny it, it was a lack of motivation on my part. The biggest positive movement forward on this goal was finding and signing up for A Daily OM: 15 Minute Yoga for Aches and Pains. I paid $10 and I can save the emails and do the courses anytime. Hey, it's a start!

No reading for "fun" this week, unless you count the blogs of my numerous friends. I have also read a lot of flash fiction from the four or five writing prompts I've participated in recently.

Even though MAY is gone, I.L. Wolf are tossing around the idea of continuing on through June. Then I will have NO excuses...right? Well....maybe. But I do plan to get on the elliptical daily!

So here is to #JUkNOWuCanDoIt. Join in the fun and post your goals for the month, those things (or thing) you want to move forward (on, with, through) either in the comments or on your blog. Then do an update each Friday. Hope you will join us!

I.L. and I will be forging ahead...and she will be posting about another challenge, one for the rest of the year. More on that later...


  1. I have to say again how much I love the #JUkNOWuCanDoIt logo!

    I think the $10 was well spent. I pay for the Gaia subscription and it's well, well worth it. They also have a Yoga Every Day series that's under 20 minutes, if you want to try it again.

    Or, if the goal is just activity, you could try walking daily instead. You're doing it for you, do something that isn't a chore!

    I also wasn't a total star on my month, but we always have June! And Fridays in general now with #AccountaClub! :)

    1. It will be easier when hubby is back home. When he is outside, the #2Doods will be out with him. With the warmer weather and nothing to grab their interest, they are inside most of the day and driving me nuts. LOL! Unfortunately, we live fairly rurally and everyone lets their dogs run loose. Doesn't make for good walking or I'd be walking the #2Doods (one at a time).

      On to #JUkNOWuCanDoIt and AccountaClub!!!

  2. I am delighted to keep being encouraged the I CAN do it! Specifically to this challenge, I am working on a book - no length prescribed, we'll see what it becomes. I started it during MAYkingItWork, and so far I've been writing random scenes, not stringing anything together.

    I will absolutely write everyday, because I put it in my planner that I will do so. some days might be very light, like 2 days ago when I only got some notes down on where I wanted a coming scene to go. But I will do something daily!

    So there's my goal. I'm with I.L.Wolf: Don't go for yoga if it's a chore for you to do it. Find something that works for you!

    1. Yay!!! Glad to have you join in the fun...I look forward to hearing about your progress on your book. That is my July goal (after hubby gets back home) when I don't have the #2Doods to deal with (at least not as often). LOL!

      I do enjoy yoga but I suspect I need a teacher/instructor. Downside of living so far out. But I am doing a minute or two on the elliptical each day!

    2. True. I learned yoga in classes at my gym, where the instructor would come over and move you slightly into better alignment. That's hard to know instinctively. After doing it until I got it, now I can watch videos and feel confident that I'm getting it right.


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