Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Who are the #2Doods?

If you don't follow my personal blog, you might not know who the #2Doods are, so thought I'd make an introduction.

L-R: Murphy, 3 months and Cooper, 6 months
Here they are, freshly groomed.
L-R: Cooper, 9 months and Murphy, 6 months
Staring at the birds in the front yard....
L-R: Murphy, 9 months & Cooper, 13 months old
These are our two Goldendoodles. Yes, there are BLACK Goldendoodles. In fact they come in many colors. Yes, they are still puppies and yes, they are still growing! We learned that Standard Poodles can continue growing for 18-24 months. At close to 60# each, we have no idea how big they will get. When we got Cooper, the breeder thought he'd top out at 35-40#. When they sit inside their crate, their heads just touch the top, but they still need crate time (when we are gone and at night). Too many things they still try to get into.

They have their own Instagram account and Facebook page. Interested in learning more about Goldendoodles (and see more cute photos)? Click this image...

Need more photos? Visit their SmugMug Photo Album.

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