Friday, June 1, 2012

Faery Pink [#Faerypin]

I couldn't resist a second tale for Anna Meade's #faerypin contest. Consider this my Saturday post. [snicker]

"Mother, I'm not a little girl anymore. No pink dresses! I want to wear RED to the ball." Princess Sarina stood, hands on dainty little hips, sparks flying around her pretty little head, and frowned mightily at her mother, Queen Soretha. When that got no response, she crossed her arms and tapped her foot.

Soretha tried hard not to laugh at her daughter. If forced into a dress, Sarina would ruin the Summer Faery Ball for everyone. But she was too young to wear red; that right would be granted when she...

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  1. Oh ho hoho - I LIKE that very much. You know little fairies very well, don't you! Smashing!

  2. Now that is cunning mummy psychology! You've created a wholly convincing world!

  3. HAHAHAH, Donna, too funny. Thank you for your second entry!

  4. I had fun with this one...modeled after my four year old granddaughter who has more attitude than any teen ever thought of. LOL!

  5. Oh you must be clever to be a mom! Even if you are the Queen. Delightful tale of a childish mind.

  6. lol! A very clever mom! I have 5 daughters (and two boys). I have one who is still in what I call the "princess stage." She would have chosen the pink dress over the shapeless red one EASILY! :)


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