Thursday, June 21, 2012

FOTO: Yellowstone National Park - May 2005

From time to time I'll post a photo that I've taken at some time. Nice scenery, unusual topics, or just a picture that I like.
[click photo for larger view]
©Donna B. McNicol ~

“You get more negative reactions than
positive reactions as you go through life,
and the big lesson is
nobody counts you out but yourself”
~ Buddy Ebsen
( 1908-2003)


  1. I visited Yellowstone as a kid. My family was in transit to my Dad's next assignment, decided to drive through the park en-route. A tree fell on our car. The park repaired our car and put us up in a cabin for about a week, free of charge. It was the only real vacation my family ever took, and it was forced upon us - but it was a GREAT time!

  2. I've been through Yellowstone about ten times and every time it's different. It's still my favorite National Park (but I haven't been to Yosemite yet).

  3. My co-author, Stephanie, has been to Yellowstone and tells me I have to get there. It is her favorite National Park. This is a beautiful picture!


  4. If you can only visit one National Park, this is least for me. ;-) I never get tired of the changing views and wildlife. We've seen black bear, grizzly bear, wolves, buffalo, elk, deer, antelope, coyote, bald eagles...amazing!


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