Thursday, June 28, 2012

FOTO: Flowers in Florida - 2004

From time to time I'll post a photo that I've taken at some time. Nice scenery, unusual topics, or just a picture that I like.

[click for larger view]
©Donna B. McNicol ~

“Spiritual blossoming simply means
blossoming in life in all dimensions
- being happy, at ease with yourself
and with everybody around you.”
~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


  1. That looks like a bouganvilla - I have one he same colour.

  2. Lovely,makes me think of summer holidays.

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  4. That's lovely, Donna. Is this in your garden?

  5. No, it was taken at a friend's house. He loved gardening and had all types of trees, shrubs and flowers in his yard. Plus he raised orchids. I just loved the flowers contrasted against the old boards.


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