Monday, June 4, 2012

FOTO: Doorbells in the rain, Tuscon AZ - 2008

From time to time I'll post a photo that I've taken at some time. Nice scenery, unusual topics, or just a picture that I like.

[click for larger view]
©Donna B. McNicol ~
“You have enormous untapped power
that you will probably never tap,
because most people never run
far enough on their first wind
to ever find they have a second.”
~ William James


  1. Wonderful picture and a great quote. As a former (I'm talking really REALLY former here) cross-country runner I know very well that you must not quit just because it gets painful. Push on through the pain and you'll get a second wind that will carry you to the finish line.

  2. Love the photo and the quote. Having never been athletic, I can't relate to second wind, but I understand pushing forward.

  3. Love the quote. And the pic is pretty cool.

  4. The picture reminds me of some Miro sculptures my friend had in his gite. The quote is thought-provoking - not quite sure was thoughts, but some!

  5. i adore that picture--and a wonderful quote!

  6. Glad everyone enjoyed it. The photo was taken from inside my Class C motorhome. The Sarna bells were a reminder of childhood and I loved their sound when the door opened and closed.


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