Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Your Write Spot


As I sit here nestled in our snug RV, computer balanced in my lap, I look around at where I spend my writing time. Sitting comfortably on our leather reclining loveseat, TV on for background, drink beside me, I wonder....what is YOUR write spot like?

Do you have a traditional office?

Maybe you work in a little corner of your bedroom?

Outdoors on the patio where your words flow?

Do you need quiet or does a busy coffee spot work well for you?

And do you use a computer or are you more traditional with paper and pen. I have a notebook for initial planning and to carry with me for those odd moments of free time. But my writing is 90% done on my laptop.

So, tell us about where you write, how you write and where you wish you were writing....


  1. I'm sitting on my settee, legs stretched out, laptop on lap. Cat beside me, cuppa on the floor, TV on. If I'm writing properly I'll be at the dining table, but where I am now is great for editing and reading through.

    Where I wish I was? On a cliff, in a log cabin, watching the Atlantic crash against the rocks beneath.

  2. I'm the same as Annalisa, laptop on my lap, dog on the floor by my feet and TV in the background while I check mail, blog etc... Then when I write the TV goes off and my full attention is given to the task in hand.
    I wish I had space for a writing desk etc, I do use the dining room table sometimes, but more often than not, I'll spread my work out on the sofa beside me and work in the comfort of my favourite chair!
    And me too...if I could be anywhere it would be beside the ocean, I could give in to the roll of the waves and write...

  3. Looking back a majority of writing was done either on my phone lying in bed, trying to capture that bit of inspo before sleep drowned it, or while multitasking at studying/ watching lectures on my laptop :) Writing for me needs to be spontaneous or else I find myself stuck.

  4. I smoke. Thus I spend most of my day puffing on my pipe and using my laptop that is sitting on a small workbench in the garage. (Ain't wifi wonderful?)

  5. These days most of my writing is in my office on the site where we work as security guards. Dave can go back to our rig and watch TV in the evenings and I have the office to myself. It's 50/50 silence/music when I write. When in our rig, I'm curled up on the daybed in the living room with my laptop. I tend to write alone - TV and other humans are distractions, intruders if you will. I've also been known to take the laptop outdoors to a picnic table. :) Great question! Thanks for asking!

  6. I've set up a wi-fi network with expanders to cover about two acres of our property, so I have many options to use my laptop/portable office. I do have a formal office in my workshop and I spent a good part of my day working there. But I can sit on the front porch of our home and gaze out across the mountains, I can work in the dining room in the early morning and listen to the Chuck wills Widow and Owls conversing, I can take a lawn chaise into my garden and write surrounded by the fruits (vegetables) of my labors, or I can go up the hill beside our home and sit on the edge of the forest to work amongst ancient hickories. I can even sit on a log beside our big stone fire pit in the evening as a blaze crackles and pops - but I'd best take a clip-on lamp. Many options; all wonderful.

    I was thinking just the other day that I started out planning to cruise the world in a 28 foot sailboat, writing of my adventures and doing carpentry work to earn my way. That would be kind of like your life style, just with more water.

  7. I'm in the corner of our living room, so I only really get good writing done when my mum's not home! I like it here though, I wouldn't want my computer in my bedroom. Plus, I'm right next to the kitchen, so as much tea and biscuits as I'd like! :)

  8. I keep a small notebook at hand for writing bits I want to remember but I write on my laptop at a desk. Currently that desk is in the living room below the bar that separates it from the kitchen where the daily noises of living sometimes make it hard to concentrate. My new RV will have a small desk next to the daybed where I can write in solitude but I may well go outside some now that I have bought a roll top table that would make a good desk. I can't type on my lap.

  9. I wish I was writing on the deck of a (paid in full) home overlooking the water. That water could be ocean, lake, or mountain stream. It matters not ... I just find peace in water!

    Where I do work/write is either at the desk in my office/guest room or (less frequently) in the recliner in the living room with my laptop on top of a "floorpillow" in my lap. Today I'm in the office. The TV (an ancient 13" TV/VCR combo that I keep hoping will DIE so I can go buy an HDTV to replace it) is on HGTV. The sun is shining outside. The cats are napping on the bunk bed/futon behind me.

  10. In our 5th wheel there isn't a lot of space. My writing is done at our dining table. If it isn't too hot, I open the blinds to watch the birds and butterflies. My laptop doesn't take up near as much room as my old tower, monitor and keyboard did, which is nice.

    Anytime the inspiration strikes is a good time to write. I especially like the middle of the night.

    I would prefer to be smelling a pine forest, cool, with rays of sunshine dappling the forest floor, a small burbling brook within earshot.

    Thanks for asking.

  11. Oh, and a cat is sleeping behind my laptop on the table with another on the chair to the left of me.

  12. How wonderful to be touring in your RV, different sights - and writing! What inspiration. I am sitting in my upstairs office overlooking the woods. Lovely breezes blowing in. May move to the patio for the full affect :)

  13. Wow...some nice working spots....I'm all for a gorgeous view but for me, it prevents me from working. I just want to sit and stare. LOL! Thanks for all the input.


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