Saturday, December 15, 2012

35 years ago....

Thirty-five years ago my youngest daughter was born. We didn't have much money, times were tough. I lined the used dresser we bought, cheap, with the wrapping paper from my baby shower gifts. I bought some inexpensive material and hand sewed curtains for her room. I had two splurges - a maple rocker and a hand-made quilt (throw size) made by a friend at work.

Fast forward and the rocker that was passed to my daughter to use when her first daughter was born, is now back in my possession. It's been through three grand-babies and two puppies so it shows a little wear and a lot of love. The quilt throw is still in my daughter's house and used daily. It too has seen a lot of wear.

I was browsing Etsy a couple of weeks ago and saw a pillow that almost exactly matches my old quilt. I had to have it - so I bought it. It arrived in the mail today and it's even nicer than I expected. It truly looks as though it could have been made by the same gal that made the quilt.

Ahhh, memories.....

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