Thursday, December 20, 2012

What a life....

If you have read a little about me, you know that my husband and I live and travel in a 41' 5th wheel trailer (RV). We are full-time RVers, traveling the USA - seeing the sights, visiting family and hopefully avoiding cold weather.

But don't think we are on permanent vacation. We still have to do the everyday things like housecleaning, laundry, maintenance on our rigs/vehicles (2 motorcycles, a diesel pickup truck, our trailer and a medium duty Freightliner). The maintenance and repairs on the trailer are pretty constant. Imagine your house going through a 60 mph windstorm during an earthquake. That's the type of stress our rig experiences as we tow it down the road.

While my husband is extremely mechanically handy, there are some things he can't or won't do. Other things are covered under our extended warranty. And that is what we are doing now - waiting for approval for some extended warranty repairs. Toss in the Christmas holiday and everything is moving slowly. We arrived on Sunday, checked in on Monday and are still waiting to hear what has been submitted to the warranty folks and what, if anything, has been approved.

We cancelled our campground reservation for a spot until the 31st. Fortunately, the repair facility has water and electric hookups so we are nestled in, safe and cozy, for the duration. Maybe we'll get an update tomorrow.

Back to "living on vacation", which we don't. That means we like to take them and in early January we're taking a 7 day cruise to the western Caribbean. I'll get in a lot of writing and reading while hubby does a lot of scuba diving (his passion). Needless to say, I won't be blogging that week. LOL!

Enough rambling, hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season, no matter what your season is!

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  1. Life's mantra....."Go with the Flow"!!!! Glad you are safe and cozy; we are, too! We woke up the not too much snow, but everything is frozen solid outside! Ter took Abby for a walk and was grateful for his grippers on! What a nice break in the winter....nothing like warm water and sunshine..I am happy for you both! I am on intermittent at work, so have lots of 'down' time....reading, (starting your book today!) knitting, vegging, playing taxi to Ter (he hates to drive, and I love it!), looking forward to Christmas dinner with Guy and Marian! Have a wonderful holiday doing what makes you both happy!! Love Ya! Tweety


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