Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Do you use #Instagram? Better read this....

UPDATE: Instagram takes a step back

Effective January 16th, Instagram via its new owners, Facebook, will have the rights to sell your photos without compensating you in any way. Read the full article: Instagram says it now has the rights to sell your photos
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So what are your thoughts? Is this right or wrong? It seems to be legal but it sure ticks me off. I've already had several Facebook friends delete their account. I'm considering it but will wait till closer to the deadline. I'll post any updates that I see.


  1. I wish there was a way to contact Instagram...with success! So we could all air our annoyance! I may well be deleting my account, but like you will wait and see if they back track first.
    I already have problems with the app not always uploading my photo in full and nothing seems to fix that either!

  2. The wording has already been amended :)


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