Saturday, December 22, 2012

Still editing away....

Now that Home Again is live at Amazon and Smashwords, I'm spending every spare minute editing my first mystery novel, Not a Whisper. For some reason it's progressing slowly and I'm not sure why. My thoughts are:
  1. I've spent the last 5 months writing/editing at a frenetic pace. I'm tired.
  2. It's the holiday season.
  3. Mysteries are tougher to edit than romance novels.
  4. No idea why - what are your thoughts?

I have to admit that I'm looking forward to finishing the edit and slowing things down. Of course, even after the new book is done, I still have on my to do list:
  • Publish all my short story compilations on Smashwords.
  • Publish Home Again at AllRomance.
  • Work on publishing both novels in a print version.

Then don't forget all the blogs I write and the general marketing and promotion for my books. Never a dull moment. Of course I still have a "real" life - time with hubby, cleaning house, going on cruises, doing laundry, visiting with friends. Oh, and watching TV and reading.

So, how do you handle it?

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  1. Hi Donna:

    I don't read romance, but I do read mystery. Can the latter be more difficult to edit because they have to be very tight, with clear causation? And you've got to pepper them with clues and anti-clues (red herrings)? Or . . . yes, it might just be that you're exhausted after 5 months of editing.

    Like you, I'm a writers with a husband and others who deserve some of my attention. I also teach writing, which is beyond rewarding. But the best thing I did to get the writing/editing done was allocate every morning for it. (Well, *nearly* every morning; I confess that 2 days a week zumba interferes a little.)

    Your post inspires me, since you're obviously also keeping up with more blog writing than I am. I confess to sometimes being a little slack there. You've also got your work on Smashwords, something I haven't found the time to do with mine . . .

    Best of luck finishing the editing! Then, take a bigtime rest.


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