Sunday, December 9, 2012

** IWU Holiday Blog Giveaway **

It's here, finally, the Indie Writers Unite (IWU) Holiday Blog Giveaway that I know you've all been waiting for.

My short story "Lost and Found" is free during the contest - it's the prequel to my soon to be released first novel, "Home Again".

Amazing grand prizes ranging from TWO Kindle Fire HDs, a $25 Amazon gift card, paper and electronic books. The over 60 authors each have their own prizes.

You can find all the details about MY giveaways and get the links to the main contest page with the grand prizes HERE.

I'm participating in honor of my upcoming first novel "Home Again", due out at Amazon before this contest ends on the 14th.

[visit and Sweepstakes Plus for other giveaways and contests]

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