Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Music - Headphones - Earbuds

I've always used earbuds, disliking headsets as they took me back to my long distance operator days. Yes, I was a long distance telephone operator way back in the dark ages - 1965 - when I lived in Miami, FL for about six months. Okay, so maybe it wasn't the job, it was the fact that they messed up my hair. I admit it. [giggle]

Then came Walkman, portable disc players, MP3 players and now smartphones and tablets. I want to listen to music more often but find that traditional earbuds 1) hurt my ears fairly quickly and 2) fall out a lot. I know there are sport/workout earbuds that will help with #2 but no matter how many brands and styles I've tried over the years, I can't get rid of #1.

Thus I am moving back to a headset or headphones, whichever term you prefer. They seem to be more comfortable and I no longer care if my hair is's less than 2 inches all over, it's always flat. I don't want to spend a lot of money, my hears aren't that sophisticated. I'd prefer something under $50. I did buy this set only to discover that they sit on my ears and I quickly return to reason #2 for not liking them.

I've looked over headsets in stores and they are all in blister packs, no tryouts allowed. By reading closely I now know I need an set over the ear headphones. Okay, looking at photos I'm not sure if they will really go fully around my ear, cupping it inside. I think that's what I need. Of course they might still press my glasses against my head and hurt....sigh.

Does this all seem too difficult to you? Sure does to me. Am I on a "Mission Impossible"? Jeesh! So here is my wish list:
  • Comfortable (guess that means covers the ear for me)
  • Adjustable (makes no sense otherwise, I have a small head)
  • Portable (would really like ones that fold up to a smaller size)
  • Good sound (not an audiophile but do like my bass)
  • Compact (I know, picky, but dislike bulky)
  • Noise reduction (not a must but a definite plus)
  • Relatively inexpensive (like I said, I'd prefer under $50)
  • Colorful (I'm so not a black kind of girl)

If you have any recommendations or comments, I'd love to hear them!


  1. I highly recommend anything like this:

    And you can find them in other colors. The ear bud is small, and they have a soft coating that...for lack of a better term...expands in your ear when they're in. They provide noise canceling, are super comfortable, and removes all other concerns from the headphone category. Best of all, they're pretty cheap, so you could find a pair at Walmart (ick!) for at or around $10 that aren't top of the line to just try out and see if you like them.

    Steer clear of anything like the Apple earbuds, those things are really brutal on your ears if you have smaller ears :(

  2. Thanks, Kelly, will see if I can round up some to try! Definitely a good price for noise canceling.


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