Thursday, May 24, 2012

Are you Pinterested?

I fought it for a long time. I really didn't need to join Pinterest, what with everyone talking about how addicting it was. The last thing I needed was another social media site to add to my daily checklist.

Then I read a blog post about Pinterest for writers and I knew I was going to have to venture there, at least dipping my toes in the virtual watercooler. [Hmmm, that's not a great visual, is it. LOL!]

So I had a friend sent me a guest invite, too impatient to wait for the official channels. [Yes, I may take a while making up my mind to do something but once made out!]

I had such great intentions. I would only use it to promote my blog and {future} books and maybe capture some inspiration for future works. Simple, right? Not so much... What started with 8 simple boards has multiplied into 26. Eeek!

Not using Pinterest yet? Wondering why a writer might want to? Here is the original article that convinced me as well as several other good ones.
If you are looking for boards to follow, after checking out mine - of course, try Indies Unlmited's Pinterest Pin-fest post.

Always, ALWAYS be aware of linking to the source, not making a copy for yourself and linking to that. Protecting copyright issues is a tough issue for Pinterest and we need to remember that at all times.

One last note, there is a new site that is planning on offering to turn your boards into posters or books. Check it out here for an early invite - they aren't live yet.

Oh, my favorite reason for growing my Pinterest boards and pins? Gaining followers who aren't just authors....which will hopefully translate into a future reading audience for me.


  1. I'm still fighting it, Donna. But then I'm just anti-social :-)

  2. I'm enjoying Pinterest too, especially for both writing inspiration and a place to keep links to my work...But like you, I get really frustrated at the amount of pins with no linkup to the original post!
    It's a fascinating place!

  3. There are way more women using it, Doug, but it really is a good way to start building an audience other than writers. ;-)

  4. Lisa, I have to limit my visits to a couple of times weekly or I can waste SOO much time there. LOL!

  5. I joined but I haven't found it addictive - in fact I keep forgetting about it. Plus, every time I want to pin something, I think about the copyright issues and don't bother!

  6. I often click through till I hit the original source and then I pin that. I also added the add-on to my browser that lets me pin from any website - it always links to the original webpage so no copyright issue.

  7. I'm like Annalisa. I'm on Pinterest but I always seem to forget about it until I come across a blog post talking about it. But I'm curious to know how writers can use it so I'll definitely be checking out your boards and your links...

  8. Last week I finally stopped fighting against Pinterest ;) I really love it and I think it is a great resource for a writer and inspiration. Have to watch it though because I lose time!!

  9. Following You on Pinterest. :) I'm definitely NOT a power user but if this insomnia keeps up ... it could happen!

    Check this out! :)

  10. Interesting. I joined after reading some "if you're a writer, you must be on Pinterest" and "just source correctly, and it's okay" posts, but a week or so later deleted half my boards because of copyright issues. I think the idea of the site is fun... but...

    I did read some hub-bub about companies developing to print boards. Again, copyright issues because the source likely didn't give permission to have their image reproduced, so it will be interesting to see where it goes.

    Vero and I just had a conversation about Pinterest via Twitter. While I was reading lawyer/photographer Kirsten Kowalski's blog posts, Vero was listening to this Bloomberg Law Podcast via YouTube (interview with Kowalski):

    (Interesting what she says from a photog's point of view too.)

    I think this is the last post she made on the subject:

    For now, I'm playing it safe. I'm only uploading my iphone photos, personal photos, and links pointing to sites/books I recommend. Who knows? The law hasn't caught up to the times... and I don't want to be a part of another Napster.

    (Sorry to be a wet blanket, Donna. Wasn't my intent! Really!)

  11. Hi Donna,

    But if the source (say, a photog), says his/her images may not be reproduced without permission (as I found when I was creating a "Top Hat" board I've since deleted), it still is a copyright issue. :(

  12. hmmmm i am not sure how to carefully use it as a writer/blogger--interesting!

  13. I've been avoiding it. Guess I will go check it out.

  14. Oh that means another distraction. I'll put it off for a bit longer, but it looks likes it might be another of those sites to start going to. Thanks for sharing.

  15. As you can see, there are two sides to Pinterest. I will continue to use it as a tool for writing and hopefully eventually garnering a few readers. There are no easy answers. To me, Facebook is just as bad if not worse on copyright issues but I use it as well.

  16. Not at all, Tracy. I know there are two sides to this and we all just have to make a personal decision on if and how to use it.

    For me, photo inspiration has turned out to be a huge motivator for my writing and Pinterest has really helped that. I also love getting ideas for my future cabin. Lastly, promoting my blog and Amazon/Smashword books will hopefully garner me a few more readers.

    I hope Pinterest will continue to 1) improve their copyright issues and 2) educate new Pinners.

    Thanks so much for presenting the other side of the picture!

  17. This is very insightful, Donna! Thank you for sharing!


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