Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Darkening [National Flash Fiction Day]

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I am honored to be taking part in National Flash Fiction day. At 3 PM [ET] or 8 PM [BT] my flash fiction story, The Taxi Ride, will be displayed in the Flash Flood

From their page, "Over the past 7 days we have gathered flash-fictions from over a hundred writers from around the globe and brought them here to let them loose on you, our beloved readers! There is everything here: happiness, despair, love, life, death, and cake . You name it, we probably have a story about it."

I now present you with my first "fantasy" flash fiction story.


[photo: ArmandoH2O/photo pin cc]
The sun sprinkled little golden flecks into the air where the breeze drifted them everywhere, some settling on her nose. She sneezed but they settled back into place making her laugh. The flecks matched the color of her hair and made her feel warm, safe and happy. Dandelions danced amongst the blades of grass in synch with the musical sighs of the trees. She stretched her arms out to catch more of the flecks and soak up the sunlight. She joined in the dance, whirling around in the field without a care in the world.

A sudden chill settled upon her shoulders. Something ominous seemed to hover in the air as the sun was obscured. She looked upward but the sky was filled with black specks, the golden ones gone. The breeze escalated into a strong wind but still the particles started to cover her. They felt evil to her and seemed to chill her to the bone. She started to run but her feet seemed frozen to the ground.

"What's happening? I need to get out of here," she screamed as she struggled. "C'mon feet, MOVE!"

"You have sinned and must be punished."

Startled, she looked around. "What? Where are you? Who are you? What do you mean?"

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  1. Girl ... you sure can tell a story! This one unnerved me ... more than a little bit!

  2. I do like that one. It's got all the elements of the traditional fairy tale but beautifully reworked. Thank you .

  3. Thanks for taking time to read and comment, Cameron. Fantasy is so far from my normal writing, trying to stretch myself. ;-)

  4. This was great fun to read! I somehow knew she was going to make the wrong choice.

  5. I tried to do a happy ending but it just didn't feel right. ;-)


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