Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

I hadn't planned to blog today, I've been busy working on a piece of fantasy flash fiction for tomorrow, National Flash Fiction Day. It's a struggle because I don't do fantasy well...I love to read it, but writing it really stresses my imagination. I had started this piece some time ago, let it sit and am now trying to find my ending.

So, taking a break to accept the Versatile Blogger Award given to me by my new on-line writing friend, Vero (isn't that the BEST nickname for Veronica?). Be sure to stop by and check out her blog, it's a great one for any writer to follow.

So here are the rules are simple. Thank the the one that presented you with the award, then share 7 things about yourself, and finally pass the award along to 15 bloggers you love to read.

So first, here are seven things about me that you probably wish you didn't know.
  1. I've been married four times. The first two were disasters but gave me three wonderful children. The third was to my late husband who gave me 20 loving years and three fantastic stepchildren. The fourth, my current, was also widowed when we met, has gifted me with two more great stepchildren and his late wife added in another two. So, between us our extended family is ten kids, 25 grandkids and one great-grandchild.
  2. I didn't learn to ride a motorcycle until age 55. When my husband died in 2004, I spent a good portion of 2005 and toured the country solo. I had hoped to ride all 48 states but due to bad weather near the end, I managed 42 states and 27k miles.
  3. I got my first tattoo at age 54 and figured it would be my last. I now have plans for my last and it will be number eight.
  4. I never had a nickname until I was in my mid-50's when I got tagged as Froggi (the spelling is intentional).
  5. Since I graduated high school, back in the dark ages, I haven't lived at one single address for longer than three years. And that only happened twice, in my 50's in FL and PA. Prior to the first three year stint, two years was my max. Guess I was born to be a gypsy!
  6. I love the feeling of fleece and soft flannel. I can't pass by in a store without copping a feel. [giggle]
  7. White water rafting and a tandem sky dive are still on my bucket list. Hoping to do both this summer.
Now to pass this along to my 15 blogging friends. I know many have been hit with these types of awards recently, so forgive me if I tag you again (especially if you already have THIS award - I was too lazy to check). Feel free to grab the award and ignore the rules about posting. LOL! Oh, if you notice a trend to the first few, forgive me, I couldn't resist.
  1. Donna at Mainely Write
  2. Donna at Writing from the Dark Places
  3. Donna at A Writers Life in Progress
  4. Donna at Weaving a Tale or Two
  5. Donna at On the Write Track
  6. Donna at Real World on Writing
  7. Tara at Tara Tyler Talks
  8. Michelle at Writer in Transit
  9. Jo-anne at Going for Coffee
  10. Martha at Seaside Simplicity
  11. Ruth at Bullish Ink
  12. Cathy at Life on the Muskoka River
  13. Andy at Andy's Words and Pictures
  14. Blake at A Mirror Dim
  15. Talon at 1 Dad, 1 Kid, 1 Crazy Adventure
Phew, that was tough! There are a lot of other deserving bloggers out there but I tried to spread the joy around. The last three are guys who I have only recently started following but I am really enjoying. I hope you'll take time and stop by all of these, say HI and congratulate them on their new award!


  1. How nice of you to think of me. I never realized there were so many Donnas out there.

  2. Congratulations. It's a well deserved award!

  3. I know...more than I've met since elementary school. LOL!

  4. Oh wow, you definitely beat me at the tattoo count, Donna! #highfive

    Those are quite amazing pieces of information, very interesting to know. Keep up chopping things off the bucket list, it's always worth going after what you want out of life!

    And always keep writing. :)

  5. Yeesh, you just reminded me I still need to do an award post. And you have more nerve than me - I have yet to even attempt a fantasy piece because it's so far out of my comfort zone. But what better time to give it a shot than on National Flash Fiction Day? :-) Glad you're participating.

  6. The tattoos gave me a grin! Got my first honest-to-goodness tattoo at 49 and then another one at age 50, both in Scotland at the same shop with the same artist. Well, well. Love it. Oh, and heaven help a store with soft flannel on the racks if we happen to be strolling through together! ;)

  7. The bucket list keeps expanding...LOL! Thanks, Vero. Glad we met up!

  8. Well it's done and scheduled for midnight ET. I see the Flash Flood has already started. They're publishing about ten minutes apart. Going to have a LOT of reading to do tomorrow!

  9. BTW, Scotland is on our bucket list. My paternal grandmother was Clan MacQuarrie and hubby, well - Stuart Douglas McNicol, need I say more? LOL!

  10. Donna, everyone should go to Scotland at least once in their lives. Especially those with a lineage. Of course, I'm a wee bit biased. GO! :)

  11. ha! so many donnas! thanks for the award! i lwas a little disappointed not getting one during a to z cause last year is when i got most! and i can pass it on to one more donna!

  12. Thanks Donna - we Donna's are honored :) And I dont have this award yet!

  13. Thank you Donna! Lol, love the pattern.

  14. Yippee...glad I got you one you were missing. I think it's time for me to create a separate page on the blog for my awards & badges. It's getting cluttered on here. ;-)

  15. Hey, I HAD to take care of my fellow Donna's!

  16. Thanks so much Donna! I did get your message just fine via email. I gave up twitter awhile back (sorry). Very cool award and I'm so honored! It will be the weekend at least before I'm able to post - busy week!
    Thanks so much! :)

  17. Do you know a LOT of other Donna's or is that one prolific blogger? Loved a chance to get to know you a bit better!

  18. And I know all those Donna's :) what a great name, huh?

    And wow, life over 50 has been good to you. I'll be 50 my next birthday, so this is encouraging.

    Thanks for the blogger love.



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