Monday, June 30, 2014

2014 Goals: June 30th UPDATE

I recently joined a blog hop to help me work on my yearly goals, at least my writing goals. So where am I on the goals I set last month? Let's take a look...

1) Book 3 & 4 of the Klondike Mystery series
Um, gulp, no writing done, some basic notes made. Why? Well, a couple of things. While hubby was in the US I ended up working on cleaning up my PC in preparation for moving to my new MacBook Pro. That meant dealing with a 3 month backlog of emails that needed to be dealt with as well as finding, deleting duplicate files and getting rid of old client stuff that I truly didn't need.

I also made an appointment to see a doctor here and get some Rx refilled. Well, that turned into getting blood work and a cardiologist appointment.

Finally, I lucked into (via a friend living in the building) finding a new apartment and we are moving on July 1st!! Yoiks!!!!! Spent several days on this, including helping our landlord find a new tenant and PACKING.

2) 7 Days of Seven: Short Story Snacks
Um, see #1.

3) Monthly Newsletter
YEAH!!! I actually managed to get this done. First newsletter in over ten months. Phew!

So not a banner month for productivity when it comes to writing but I still did get a lot done. Our apartment is mostly packed, we get our keys on July 2nd and move on July 3rd. Once unpacked my next priority is making the transition to the MacBook Pro so writing will be minimal once again. Maybe in August? LOL!


  1. Well moving is exciting! Haha just scrawl notes on the boxes as you unpack ;)

  2. You are having such adventures. It is good to see adventures never end no matter how we continue to grow older. Age does not limit us. Yeah for you two!

  3. Good luck moving! I moved so much when I was growing up that I hate it. I'm like a barnacle on a rock! Your writing will come. I have a MacBook Pro, and I love it!


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