Sunday, June 1, 2014

2014 Goals - SET

I recently joined a blog hop to help me work on my yearly goals, at least my writing goals. So this month I am stating my goals and then on the last day of every month I will post where I stand on meeting those goals.

As everyone knows, goals can be a moving target, so it will be interesting to see where I end up at the end of the year.

My main goal is to publish the next two Klondike Mysteries, "Almost a Touch" and "Clearly a Miss". Both will have settings outside Klondike, PA for the bulk of the story but still set in small town USA. The main characters will remain the same - well, unless they die.
My second goal is to finish up my middle-school short story series, 7 Days of Seven: Short Story Snacks, before year's end. Actually, I would LOVE to finish them before the end of August but time will tell. These are short but take more work because this is not my main genre (but it is a fun one with a bit of fantasy and magic included).

My final goal for 2014 is publish my newsletter MONTHLY with the first issue on June 15th. I have only used the newsletter for new book updates and I think a monthly update will work out better. If you haven't signed up, THIS is the link! The June 15th newsletter will announce the winner of a FREE COPY of any of my ebooks, with the winner chosen from my new subscribers so tell your friends!


  1. Sounds like a lot of work and a lot of fun! :-)

    1. It is a lot of work and I keep doing it for my readers...okay, maybe for me too. LOL! Thanks again for stopping in and commenting!

  2. Hahaha "well, unless they die." classic example of you-know-you're-a-writer-when ;)


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