Friday, June 6, 2014

Celebrate the Little Things: A little of This, A Little of That

As part of my new initiative for my blog posts, I have joined VikLit'sCelebrate the Small Things - something to post on Fridays.

I may post something about writing, something personal, something random or even all the above.

Or if I have a REALLY off week, I might just post a photo. ;)

  • I ordered my MacBook Pro, on sale from Amazon. $200 off so for another $300 I got double the memory and four times the disk space. WOOT! Definitely going to be an adjustment, moving to the Mac but hopefully it won't take too long.
  • I've had a productive week, pre-writing several blog posts to help me better manage my time.
  • I'm missing my hubby because he's in the US for the birth of his youngest daughter's first baby! He'll be gone through late date TBD. Oh, the BIGGEST NEWS? Waverly Kaye Freeman, born June 5th!
  • Was tickled to find a nice quality zip-front sweatshirt, on sale and in a size that fit me. That can be quite the trick here in Ecuador where the locals are much smaller than most expats. 
That's it until next Friday, hope you had a spectacular week and if not hope you can still find some small things to celebrate.


  1. Sounds like you had a great week! Congrats on the new addition to your family!

    1. It definitely was a wonderful week! The little one is going home today and meeting her new "pack" of three loving dogs. Should be interesting!

  2. You'll love your Mac. I got my first one over 10 years ago, and I'll never use anythingelse now...

    1. I know I will spend several weeks getting used to it but can't wait to start!! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Congratulations on the baby! Your husband must be over the moon!

  4. People who use a Mac seem to never complain about their computers. When it's time for a new one here I will seriously consider it. I try to write posts in advance, but not always successfully, when I do it feels wonderful.


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