Tuesday, April 18, 2017

"Oh, the places we will go" - Oregon & Oahu #atozchallenge

Oregon is a state of many surprises. My first visit was in 2005 and as I rode in from east to west and smelled the cedar trees and looked at the beauty around me, I wondered why none of my friends had told me about this state.

Now I know why - they want to keep it a secret! Everyone hears about the coast, the Redwoods, the sea lions - but there is so much more.

Here are some photo albums from my travels through Oregon in 2005.

We fell in love with the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Waldport, OR when we visited in 2010. We recommend it to anyone in the area. While set up for kids (and education), we learned a lot.

BONUS: Oahu - Hilo

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