Wednesday, April 5, 2017

#IWSG April 2017: Compromise

I almost missed this months Insecure Writer's Support Group post. I know, I almost missed it last month, too. This time, it's not due to cruising. Instead, it's due to my participation in the April A to Z Blog Challenge.

I pre-wrote and scheduled all my posts, thinking I would be ahead of the game. Well, in that aspect, I am. But I am still spending 2-3 hrs a day replying to comments on my posts as well as commenting on the posts of other participants. LOL!

Last month I told you I hoped to finally finish the first draft of the third book in my Klondike Mystery series, Almost a Touch. Well - I DID! And then I immediately set it aside.

During the cruise I did start work on my next novella in my Lei Crime Kindle World series, Paradise Dead (Paradise Down was the first). It was fun to be able to chat with the real life characters on the cruise ship (the band members) and pass along little tidbits and get their reactions.

But I had hoped to finish the first draft and that didn't happen. Then we arrived back in FL and had four days to get a new storage shed installed on our RV lot and pack up to head to our house in TN. Well, hubby got sick, then I got sick...then April happened.

So my word for the month's IWSG is "Compromise", because that's what I'm doing.

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